This website exists because Dan Snyder said “NEVER.”

Like many of you who are taking the time to read this site, we are enormous fans of the National Football League. We’re from the Washington, DC area. We’ve rooted for the Washington football team our entire lives. We’ve held season tickets, tailgated at RFK and FedEx Fields, and proudly worn our Monk, Cooley and Taylor jerseys on Game Day1. We used to watch games with TV muted, and listen to Sonny, Sam and Frank on the radio. We wear our team knit cap when it’s cold, and our team t-shirts when it’s hot. We bleed that burgundy and gold.

Over the years, we’ve also read the stories and followed the debate over the name of our team. In the Washington Post, on the talk shows, at bars and in living rooms.

As Americans, we’re aware of of the history and current challenges facing Native Americans in our country. As fans, we’re also aware of our own team’s history of fighting racial progress; and the more we read, the more we learned, and the more we understood.

The name of our football team is an offensive racial slur for Native Americans.

Once we were able to acknowledge this fact, we made personal changes: we stopped claiming to be able to see both sides of the issue, we stopped wearing our team gear, didn’t renew our season tickets, stopped referring to the team by its name.

It’s incredibly difficult to recognize something you love is flawed, but the truth is, what you love will never be great until it changes.

We almost stopped there. We would have left our campaign to our personal decisions if not for one thing. The reason this website exists is because Dan Snyder said “NEVER”.

We probably would have stayed on the sidelines and kept faith that our owner would listen and eventually come around. But when he said NEVER – we knew we needed to do more.  That's why you're reading this now.

We know there are fans out there that feel the way we do – and we hope FFNT will be a forum and center of gravity for them. We’re starting with a petition, but we definitely have other ideas for how Washington fans can join with NFL fans around the country to support this effort.

The Native American activists and organizations that have been fighting for decades are the true leaders of this campaign. We see ourselves in a supporting role, working to bring new voices into the debate.

It’s time for a new tradition in Washington, D.C. It’s time for Washington and NFL fans across the country to have their voices heard.

Sign the petition today!

1.In full candor, we’ve also worn McNabb, Ramsey, and Campbell jerseys, among others we’d prefer not to mention at all.