The following are partial lists of individuals, groups, and organizations that follow the NFL and have honorably spoken out on this issue.  Some have called outright for a name change, others have simply refused to refer to the team by name in print – but these lists represent just a small sample of the many local and national groups and personalities who stand in favor of a new tradition for football in Washington, D.C.

We are hoping to provide as complete a list as possible but realize we may have left off some names.  Please let us know if your name or organization should be listed here.

Media Outlets

Media Personalities

  • Bob Costas, Sportscaster, NBC
  • Howard Stern, King of All Media, Sirius XM, @HowardStern
  • Charles Krauthammer, Political Columnist, @krauthammer
  • Peter King, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated, @SI_PeterKing
  • Christine Brennan, columnist, USA Today, @cbrennansports
  • Bill Simmons, Editor, Grantland.com, @sportsguy33
  • Cris Collinsworth, NFL Broadcaster, NBC, @CollinsworthNBC
  • Maureen Dowd, Columnist, The New York Times, @NYTimesDowd
  • Tony Kornheiser, Host, Pardon the Interruption, ESPN
  • Jim Vance, Anchorman, WRC, Washington, D.C.
  • Mike Wise, Columnist, Washington Post, @MikeWiseguy
  • Courtland Milloy, Columnist, Washington Post, @ctmilloy
  • Dave Zirin, Sports Editor, The Nation, @EdgeofSports
  • Steven Gaydos, Variety, @HighSierraMan
  • Mark Purdy, Mercury News Columnist, @MercPurdy
  • James Arcellana, Bay Area Sports Guy, @RaidersReporter
  • Matthew Berry, ESPN, @MatthewBerryTMR
  • Bud Poliquin, Columnist, Syracuse.com
  • Robert Harding, Auburnpub.com, @robertharding
  • Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, @EricZorn
  • Bob Glauber, NFL Columnist, Newsday, @BobGlauber
  • Tim Graham, Writer, Buffalo News, @ByTimGraham
  • John Smallwood, Columnist, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Tim Baffoe, CBS Chicago, @TimBaffoe
  • Clyde Hughes, Journal and Courier, @clydehughes
  • Martin Schram, Scripps Howard News Service


Elected Officials